Aichi Triennale


Sun Yuan + Peng Yu
《Occasional Awakening》 2008 Installation at Han Ji Yun Contemporary Art Space, Beijing, China
  • Contemorary Art
Sun Yuan + Peng Yu
孫原+彭禹(スン・ユァン + ポン・ユゥ)
Began working as a unit in 2000. As artists who hold sway on China's contemporary art scene, they are active in various locations both in and outside of the country. Their bold techniques transcend conventional expressive methods and make heavy use of the human body, animals and other objects. They employ these techniques to cynically put into relief the conditions of life and death surrounding contemporary life.

International Exhibition of Contemporary Arts
Place of performance / presentation

(Toyo Logistics Building)


2010.08.21 - 2010.10.31