Aichi Triennale


Ryoji Ikeda
《spectra [paris]》Produced by Le Troisième Pôle / Eva Albarran & Co., co-produced by Forma Commissioned as part of La Nuit Blanche 2008 for the City of Paris Photo: Marc Domage 
  • Contemorary Art
Ryoji Ikeda
Born 1966 in Gifu. Lives in Paris. He has attracted a lot of international attention as a composer of electronic music and as an artist. He encourages entirely new experiences by probing the extreme limits of various conditions surrounding people's perceptions of the physical nature of sound and light and of time and space. He is developing activities that cut across the territories of music and art.

International Exhibition of Contemporary Arts
Place of performance / presentation

Nagoya Castle
(Ninomaru Square)


2010.9.24 - 2010.9.25