Aichi Triennale


Lucia Koch
《Degradé SP》 2004 Paçodas Artes, São Paulo
  • Contemorary Art
Lucia Koch
Born 1966 in Porto Alegre, Brazil. Lives in San Paulo. The artist's light and color installations always part from her profound interest in the complex relationship between light and architecture. Through the use of filters and colored membranes, Koch modifies existing spaces, either in the city or in galleries, focusing on the spectators very subjective perception of light and of time, and of the self in space. The subjectivity of perception is a key in Koch's work.

International Exhibition of Contemporary Arts
Place of performance / presentation

(Watakaku Building,Fushimi Underground Mall,Choja-machi Textile Wholesale Center)


2010.08.21 - 2010.10.31