Aichi Triennale


《When Sky was Sea 》2002
Performance from "Frog's Sky", Galerie der Stadt Schwaz, Schwaz, Austria
  • Contemorary Art
Born 1969 in Kobe. Presently Lives and works in Berlin. Graduated from San Francisco Art Institute in 1992. Has been realizing primarily site-specific projects and performances since the early '90s at various locations in Japan and abroad. Shimabuku, who previously had a fateful encounter with the latent potential of island culture on Shinojima (in Minami Chita-cho, Chita-gun, Aichi Prefecture), will explore the possibility of contemporary art in a fishing village for the Aichi Triennale.

International Exhibition of Contemporary Arts
Place of performance / presentation

Nagoya City Art Museum


2010.08.21 - 2010.10.31