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Steven Cohen
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Steven Cohen
2010.10.23 sat - 24 sun 17:00 - 【Sold out】

Conception and production: Steven Cohen Film: Fiona Mc Pherson, Coco Van Oppens, Elu Keiser Premiere: Johannesburg 2002
※Talk event would be held after each performance

Chandelier (2002) is both a performance piece and a documentary video shot in South Africa in the middle of a group of homeless black people in Johannesburg, during the destruction of their Township. Using performance, dance and film Chandelier reveals the contradictions between Europe and Africa, blacks and whites, the rich and the poor, the shadow and the light, public and private, the strong and the oppressed, security and danger. His latest work Golgotha (2009), created in New York around the site of Ground Zero (the former World Trade Center), is about "the incorporation, the body - in all the senses of that word, the living body down to its bones, its ashes, its remains. It is about finding a dance in the space left vacant between the amorality of commerce (everything is for sale) and the rituals of grieving (everything ends in death)."- Steven Cohen

video installation
『The Wandering Jew -a work dedicated to the noble memory of Sugihara Sempo-』
2010.10.18 mon- 24 sun
Conceived especially for the Aichi Triennale, The wandering Jew is a project in homage to Sempo Sugihara* in which the artist will be seeking an encounter between his own identity and that of the people of Nagoya. Through a series of appearances in the city, he wishes to establish the beauty which emanates from the banal and the spectacular, the ancient and the contemporary, East and West, memories and predictions.

*a Japanese diplomat who served as Vice Consul for the Japanese Empire in Lithuania. During World War II, he helped several thousand Jews leave the country by issuing transit visas to Jewish refugees so that they could travel to Japan.

Support: CULTURESFRANCE / French Embassy / Ville de Lille

Steven Cohen
Alongside his productions as a visual artist, Cohen also performs at galleries, art museums, and other public spaces. Cohen is a South African-born white Jewish homosexual, and his works are expressions of the doubts and questions on his identity, tucked away beneath the surface.

『The Wandering Jew』2010/10/18-2010/10/24
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Aichi Arts Center
(Gallery G)


2010.10.23 - 2010.10.24
2010.10.18 - 2010.10.24