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La Ribot
《Laughing Hole》
  • Performing Arts
La Ribot
La Ribot manipulates language in a humorous yet eccentric manner in an attempt to make new interpretations. For the Aichi Triennale, their six-hour program will leave the audience in stitches of laughter, with performances such as "Laughing Hole" - a collage of fragmented words, as well as a new work called "PARAichi-Distinguida".

『Laughing Hole』
2010/08/21 12:00-18:00

2010/08/28 14:00/18:00
2010/08/29 14:00/18:00

『Laughing Hole』8/21
Place of performance / presentation

Aichi Arts Center
(Gallery G)


2010.08.28 - 2010.08.29