Aichi Triennale


Sonia Khurana
《Logic of Birds》 2007
  • Performing Arts
Sonia Khurana
Khurana's practice engages with states of strangeness, alienation, and alteration. She portrays extremities of encounters, be it with people, or with cities and spaces. In "Lying-down-on-the-ground: additional notes," an ongoing, public performative intervention, Khurana offers this "small" act, to gently but pointedly violate norms of social behavior, both metaphorically and physically. She playfully invites passersby to join in this allegorical gesture, thereby transforming a singular act into a collective utterance. A multi-media installation by Khurana is also presented in the visual art exhibition.

『Lying-down-on-the-ground: additional notes』
2010/09/04 14:00
Everyone can participate in this performance.

『Lying-down-on-the-ground: additional notes』
Place of performance / presentation

Aichi Arts Center
(Begins in and around Aichi Arts Center, culminates in Gallery G)