Aichi Triennale


Boris Charmatz
《héâtre-élévision》©Anna van Kooij
  • Performing Arts
Boris Charmatz
Charmatz is engaged in a variety of artistic expressions that seek to discover the potential of the performing arts. As the Director of the Rennes and Britanny National Choreographic Centre since 2009, he proposes to transform it into a Musée de la danse of a new kind. At Aichi, he will hold an outdoor performance of"Quintette Cercle,"as well as an interactive film work"héâtre-élévision"for ticket holders only (1 person/hour).


『Quintette Cercle』
【Japan premier】
September 4th (Sat) 18:00-
September 5th (Sun) 14:00-
Venue:Meijo Park (north side of the moat)
Free entry

『héâtre-élévision』(An interactive video installation)
21th Aug.- 31th Oct.
Ticket 1,000 Yen

『Quintette Cercle』9/4/-9/5
Place of performance / presentation

(Toyo Logistics Building)


2010.09.04 - 2010.09.05
2010.08.21 - 2010.10.31