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Jan Fabre
『Another Sleepy Dusty Delta Day』Jean Pierre Stoop
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Jan Fabre
Born in Antwerp, Belgium in 1958, Jan Fabre is known worldwide as one of the most innovative and talented artists who has been working as an opera and theater director, a choreographer, a writer, and a visual artist. His company's solo-dance-production, "Another Sleepy Dusty Delta Day," was highly acclaimed at the Festival d'Avignon in France in 2008. Its Japan premier is scheduled in Aichi Triennale 2010.

『Another Sleepy Dusty Delta Day』Japan Premiere
2010/09/18  19:00 【Sold out】
2010/09/19  14:00 【Sold out】
2010/09/20  14:00 【Sold out】

『Another Sleepy Dusty Delta Day』Japan Premiere
Place of performance / presentation

Aichi Arts Center
(Mini Theater)


2010.09.18 - 2010.09.20