Privacy Policy

The Aichi Triennale Organizing Committee (hereafter "Organizing Committee") is committed to the strictest control of the collection, use and management of personal information, and to ensuring that any information gathered will be used in only the appropriate way.

Personal information

Personal information includes the name, address, telephone number, email address and other particular information about an individual which distinguishes them from others. Any other information which could be used to distinguish or identify one person from another would be included in personal information.

Collection of personal information

Before personal information is collected, the purposes for which the information is to be used will be clearly defined. The use for the information, once gathered, will be limited to the intended purposes only.
When the Organizing Committee gathers personal information through this website, the user is generally considered to have granted permission for providing information through registration.

Use and sharing of personal information

The personal information provided by users will not be used or shared for purposes other than originally intended, excluding cases covered by laws and regulations.

Management of personal information

Every effort is being made to protect the personal information gathered from users through this website from disclosure, illegal usage, forgery, etc. Personal information which is no longer required will be thoroughly and completely disposed of. For the Organizing Committee to efficiently undertake its work, some portion of the workload may be consigned to outside parties. In such cases, a contract covering the appropriate use of personal information will be made with the third party; supervision will also be made to ensure that proper handling is being conducted.


Any other issues not covered under this privacy policy will be handled according to the Aichi Prefecture Personal Information protection Law, to ensure the proper use of personal information.