Interviews and other requests

Those who desire to cover Aichi Triennale including interviews are requested to apply by e-mail ( or Fax (+81-52-971-6115), filling out the application form below.

  • * It may take several days to confirm the application.
  • * For further questions, please contact our Public Relations Department below.
  • * The Aichi Triennale Organizing Committee will handle the personal information of applicants properly in compliance with privacy policy of the Aichi Triennale Organizing Committee.
  • Depending on the planned content, we may not be able to meet your requests. We appreciate your understanding.
  • Prior to publishing or broadcasting, please submit to us manuscripts or proof images at the editing stage to the dedicated e-mail address for public relations ( in advance for proofreading.
  • Please send us one or two complimentary copies of any published media, URLs, or synchronously recorded images or sound (DVD or CD), as applicable.
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