Contemporary Arts


Born 1985 in Mie Prefecture (Japan); based in Kyoto (Japan).

Graduated in 2010 from Nagoya Zokei University of Art and Design and completed his Master’s in sculpture in 2013 at Kyoto City University of Arts. Yamashita has been participating in group exhibitions around Aichi Prefecture since he was at Nagoya Zokei, with works designed to take advantage of the detailed characteristics of each building or space they were in to either charm or totally bemuse onlookers with his sense of play and strange humor totally. His attitude to materials, including his frequent use of existing items, methods, and his sense of color had nothing whatsoever to do with being smart. He occupies space and persists with a sensibility that could be described as pop and folksy. And he draws onlookers into his works willy nilly to evoke a reaction. His series of small pictures drawn with Posca marker pens, evoking a sense of isolation, and at the same time density, are also very appealing works.

  《Painting of a Flower Vase》2012
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