What is Aichi Triennale?

The first Aichi Triennale of 2010 brought festivity to the city with art flowing and diffusing into the urban space.

The International Art Triennale will take place again in 2013.

While reflecting on arts in the wake of the 2011 East Japan Earthquake, the coming second Aichi Triennale, “Awakening – Where Are We Standing? – Earth, Memory and Resurrection”, will bring together from within and outside Japan cutting-edge contemporary arts, performing arts including dance and theater, and operas which manifest and resonate with the socio-political reverberations occurring in various areas of the world.

Aichi Triennale accommodates both contemporary art and stage performances, which is one of its unique features.

Art works which traverse different genres will be eagerly pursued to encourage lovers of both art and performing arts to easily encounter arts outsides their preferred genres.

Previously, arts journeyed out from within the museums’ walls and entered into the urban spaces of Nagoya city. This time, they will extend further into the city of Okazaki and ornament its spaces.

Devices that will deliver arts to various locations within Aichi will also be planted.

To make visits to the Triennale more fruitful, tour maps will be provided for the historically and architecturally significant buildings visitors will encounter throughout the course of the venues. It will be a wonderful opportunity to open some of these architectures to the public since they are usually restricted.

We aim to make Aichi Triennale 2013 not only an event where people can enjoy the arts, but also an opportunity to stimulate the everyday and to make visible the cities’ charms once again.

We hope that the Triennale will offer visitors with a different landscape of the world.

Aichi triennale 2013
― Where Are We Standing? ― Earth, Memory and Resurrection
Sat., August 10 to Sun., October 27, 2013 (79 days)
Aichi Arts Center
Nagoya City Art Museum
Choja-machi Site
Nayabashi Site
Chuo-Hirokoji Building
Higashi-Okazaki Station Site
Kosei Site
Matsumoto-cho Site
Artistic Director
Taro Igarashi (Professor of Architecture and Building Science, Tohoku University Graduate School of Engineering)
The Aichi Triennale Organizing Committee
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