Contemporary Arts


Born 1976 in Thailand, based in Bangkok (Thailand)

Graduated from the Faculty of Architecture, Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok in 1992 and earned his MA in Visual Communication, Kent Institute of Art & Design, Maidstone, UK in 1994. Wit Pimkanchanapong identifies the special qualities of particular spaces, materials and multimedia from an architectural viewpoint and causes them to reflect the uniqueness of the region or place, transforming these into spaces that bring awareness to the viewer. He also creates places where people can share artworks, via an idiosyncratic mechanism combining media technology and everyday items. In 2002 Pimkanchanapong collaborated with Japanese architect Jiro Endo to launch Soi Music and Soi Project, merging the realms of music, design, and architecture. He has participated in major Asian art festivals including the 2007 Sharjah Biennale (Soi Project), 2008 Singapore Biennale, and 2009 Asia-Pacific Triennale, and in Japan in exhibitions including "Have we met?" sponsored by the Japan Foundation in 2004, the 2005 Yokohama Triennale (Soi Project), and 2008 Yokohama Koganecho Bazaar.

  《 Mist 》 2011
Installation view at Central Plaza, Chieng Rai, Thailand
courtesy of the artist
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