Contemporary Arts


Born 1975 in Hyogo Prefecture (Japan), based in Tokyo.

Watanabe graduated in 2000 with a BA in oil painting from the Aichi Prefectural University of Fine Arts and Music, in 2002 obtaining his MA from the same institution. In 2010 he staged the solo exhibition "Discovering Contemporary Art 6: Go Watanabe - Shiroi Hanashi Kuroi Hanashi" at the Aichi Museum of Art. Both his lightbox-format two-dimensional works and movies are characterized by white motifs of bleached appearance rendered meticulously by computer. Watanabe's expression, including his unusual human figures, subtly challenges the line between that which is alive and that which is not - by slow movements in his films; and in his stills, by motifs to which a slight glint has been added.

  《 "one landscape," a journey 》 2011
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