Contemporary Arts

WADA Reijiro

Born 1977 in Hiroshima Prefecture (Japan), based in Berlin.

Wada majored in sculpture, earning his BA in 2000 and MA in 2002 at Hiroshima City University, and his PhD in 2008 at Tokyo University of the Arts. Thereafter basing himself in Berlin, he has participated in group shows around Germany and Europe. Wada has used stone and many other materials for his sculptures, but since 2010 his most noted work has been the "Isola" series, in which he fitted dual layers of glass into a brass frame to create a floating panel, bringing the essential nature of the water's surface to our attention. Isola means island in Italian, and by trapping air between the layers of tempered glass, Wada creates a flat floating module of roughly human proportions that floats with its upper surface at the same level as the water's surface. From close up it looks like an artificial geometric form reflecting the sky above, but from further away it blends in with the shimmer of the natural waves all around it.

Installation view at Haus am Waldsee, Berlin, 2012
photo: Bernd Borchardt
courtesy of the artist
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