Contemporary Arts / Curatorial Competition


Born 1972 in Tochigi (Japan), based in Tochigi.

AI Machine
Fushimi Underground Shopping Street

AI Machine, made up of an iron frame measuring 1800 x 1800 mm, mechanical components and extra-heavy chains combined to form the Chinese character “愛” (ai, meaning “love”), moves while retaining the “愛” shape. Unlike most machines, this machine does not fulfill any useful function; it is a nonsensical machine that exists solely to move in the shape of an “愛” character.
AI Machine has many aspects to it. By straightforwardly representing the word as a character and turning it into a kinetic three-dimensional work, the intangible concept of 愛 or love is physically emphasized. The result can be interpreted as either a cynical or humorous reference to love. “愛” could also be read as the first character of “愛知 (Aichi).” Its mechanical nature also refers to Aichi’s face as a major industrial region comprising Toyota Motor Corporation and other manufacturers.

  Drawing for AI Machine,