Contemporary Arts

TAKEDA Hisashi

Born 1976 in Aichi Prefecture (Japan); based in Nagoya.

Graduated in 2004 from the sculpture course at Nagoya Zokei University of Art and Design, and completed Master's course in environmental formation at the same institution in 2006. While still studying, Takeda opened a temporary gallery inside the college so he could put on exhibitions with other artists of the same age group. A photograph of a falling spoon floating in midair. The reversed face of a clock that appears correct in a mirror. He deals with philosophical and scientific concepts of time, space, and mass, but presents things in a realistic, human scale. Takeda has said, "The world truly exists, but so far no measure has been discovered to determine exactly what it is." His art moves between the certain and the uncertain, creating a distinctive style of humor.

  《Double Fiction》2013
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