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Born 1970 Kyoto Prefecture (Japan), based in Kyoto.

Completed his Master's degree in sculpture at Kyoto City University of Arts, and in the second half of the 1990s began turning out numerous works utilizing light and visual images. His work ranges widely from installations in indoor spaces to collaborations with performance artists and large-scale projections on buildings. Above all he has boldly interpreted and dynamically transformed architectural structures, lighting them up with polka dots, stripes, and other geometric patterns, and liberal use of images and color. In his 《Fragments of Color Cubes》 (2008) on permanent exhibition at the Towada Arts Center, each surface of the building with its series of white box-like structures, has been lit up each with a different color and the colors changing through time to create a magical effect. He has also come up with numerous works inviting audience participation, like "the Dream Seed Project" (2005), in which he invites people to write their dreams on pieces of paper that are then each attached to an LED light, and taken up in a balloon and released to descend slowly in the night sky. Takahashi is an artist who looks beyond visual beauty and ventures to harness the potential of light to reveal people's hearts and memories.

Glow with City Project by TAKAHASHI Kyota Is Now Inviting 1,000 Participants!!

  《Fragments of Color Cubes》2008
photo: Kitamura Mitsutaka
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