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Born 1986 in Aichi Prefecture (Japan), based in Nagoya (Japan).

Graduated from the Department of Design, Nagoya University of Arts. Suganuma has applied her distinctive focus to researching places, people, and things from of the Showa era (1926-1989) that remain buried in today's towns and cities. She has revealed her discoveries in various mediums including the video work 《Back to the Showa》, installation 《Phantom Yatai (mobile food stand)》, and art books. She takes a field-work approach in seeking out coffee shops and small bars that have held on since the Showa years and makes connections with the people who frequent them. Then she delves into their stories and recollections to discover those elements of Showa Japan that live on today. As if to live out her own fascination with that time, Suganuma goes out of her way to live as much as possible in the style of the Showa era, and to wear its fashions. All things Showa also form the core of her performances and her artistic works. At the Triennale she will present a new work based on interviews with business people who have been working since the Showa days in the Chojamachi wholesale textile district, one of the venues for Aichi Triennale 2013, that unearths what remains of its Showa character.

  《Back to the Showa》2011
photo: Saori Ohata
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