Contemporary Arts


Formed in 1990, based in Serbia.

Dragan Protic and Djordje Balmazovic were both studying architecture in Belgrade when they started their experimental activities in response to the dictatorship and the spreading ethnic conflicts that dominated life in their country. Their earliest actions, intruding into the everyday lives of Serbians, included the publication of a book expressing the sadness people felt on an individual level; the distribution of “survival coupons” in city streets, bearing words like "fear" and "rest"; and creating a choir of would-be singers and taking them to perform at hospitals and refugee camps and other places where people needed cheering up. Later they also used traditional domestic embroidery, something not usually associated with artistic expression, to depict the emotions of people living in contemporary society, and they came up with contraptions for moving around with live plants, making them from materials that can be found anywhere. Their interest remained with the everyday feelings of ordinary people. Protic and Balmazovic describe their own concepts as "Architecture of the human relationship" and occupy a zone somewhere between poetry and design.

12th Venice Architecture Biennale
photo: skart archive
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