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SjQ is improvisational performance project formed in 1999, consisting of Uozumi Yuta (piano), Yonago Tadashi (trombone), Nakagaito Isao (guitar), Asada Wataru (drums), Otani Shuhei (bass) and gismo, the artificial life program developed by the members (electronic sound). With the addition of Kessardrix (video) in 2012, they began working as SjQ++. A live performance in which the sounds of an impromptu performance are analyzed in real time, together with the projection of synchronized images. The images and music relate in a completely different way from the way music is usually added to video or VJs play music to videos, to offer the audience a dynamic, new experience. Highly recognized both at home and abroad, they were recipients of the Award of Distinction in the Digital Music and Sound Art division of the 2013 Ars Electronica Festival. Their live performance will mark their triumphant return from Europe.

  SjQ++ arc 2013
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