Opera Production

SHIOIRI Koji (The Imperial Commissioner)

Graduated in vocal music and completed Master's course at Senzoku Gakuen College of Music. Placed 3rd in the Vocals-General A section of the 2nd Great Wall Academy Competition. Won the prize in the 34th Concorso Vocale Italo-Giapponese. Sang in many productions with the chorus at the New National Theatre, building up his experience with world-famous conductors and singers. Took the title role in the restaging of "Macbeth" in 2005, and covered for Don Pizarro in "Fidelio" during the Sai no Kuni Beethoven series, Also performed "Leonore," opera in concert style in the subscription series of New Japanese Philharmonic. Appeared at Theater 1010 in a joint Japan-US production of "Joruri," composed by Minoru Miki. Played Silvio in "Pagliacci" for Tokyo's Nikikai Opera in July 2012. Member of Nikikai.

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