Contemporary Arts / Curatorial Competition

SHINDO Kumpei <Curator>

FURUKAWA Aika/Born 1982 in Aichi
The Inside and Outside of Clothes (Reconstructing Aika Furukawa)
Niwako Co., Ltd. Mikusu Building

Artist Furukawa Aika, who is currently taking part in a residency in Leipzig, Germany, has produced many paintings that are highly installation-like in nature. Furukawa employs an intuitive production method to explore the possibilities of painting as something experienced in a given space, and has been responsible for the direction of her own exhibition spaces for most of her shows to date.
For this installation, the exhibition space is directed not by the artist as in previous shows of Furukawa’s works but by curator Shindo Kumpei, who newly reconstructs, specifically for this venue, Furukawa’s past works centering on “clothes removed from the body,” which is one of Furukawa’s main motifs.
Additionally, under the other project theme, “to construct/to be constructed,” the installation reexamines the relationships between works of art and exhibition sites and between artists and curators by publicly questioning anew such conventionally behind-the-scenes issues of exhibitions as “the significance to the artist of facing one’s past work through the eyes and sensitivity of another,” and the “possibilities and/or limitations of curator-led efforts to replicate the artist’s intuition.”

  Vortex in Couples (detail)
Exhibition view at HIGURE 17-15 cas