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Born 1980 in Aichi Prefecture (Japan), based in Miyagi Prefecture (Japan).

Shiga went to Britain in 1999 and graduated from Chelsea College of Art and Design in London in 2004. Shiga has captured people's attention with her powerful, structured photography, which draws images from the darkness that exist as latent potential in her subjects and in the land, and with the way her distinctive pictures seem to generate light in that darkness. In 2007 she spent a year in London on an Agency for Cultural Affairs program for artists to pursue further studies overseas. And she won the Kimura Ihei Award for photography in 2008 for her series "Lilly" and "Canary" (both released in 2007). The Infinity Award for young photographer of the year followed in 2009, from the New York International Center for Photography. On her return to Japan, she took up residence in the Kitakama district of Natori, Miyagi, where she operated locally, recording the festivals and other events. She also started building up an oral history of the area. Her solo exhibition 'Rasen Kaigan' at Mediatheque, Sendai, offering a comprehensive display of her four years of experimentation in Kitakama won acclaim in 2012-13. Before its opening, Shiga also broke new ground by giving a series of 10 lectures in person about her photography, and they have been published together under the title "Rasen Kaigan Notebook" (2013). This is Aichi Triennale's first major exhibition to be presented in Okazaki, where Shiga was born.

  'RASENKAIGAN' installation view at Sendai Mediatheque, Sedai, Miyagi, Japan, 2012-2013
courtesy of the artist
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