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Artist. Born in Tokyo, based in Tokyo.

Master's degree in graphic design from Tama Art University. Nukyu uses animation, illustration and manga in striving to create things of beauty and interest. She leaped into the spotlight with her first animation, "New Tokyo Ondo" (2012), which starts out as distorted feelings toward the dazzlingly bright center of Tokyo, appearing close at hand yet remaining far away and unreachable, and develops into a free-spirited display reminiscent of surrealism of the kind of flights of fancy unique to animation. This could perhaps be seen as a piece that presents a particular viewpoint of the city or architectural space. It received the Grand Prize at the 19th Students Computer Graphics Contest, and Jury Selection in the animation section of the 16th Media Arts Festival; and in shortened form won the Company Award in the Multimedia Contents Awards, and silver in the 2nd Yokoku Demy Awards.

  Nukyu NEW TOKYO ONDO 2012
courtesy of the artist
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