Contemporary Arts

Nikki LUNA

Born 1977 in the Philippines, based in Manila.

While actively pursuing her artistic endeavors in the Philippines and beyond, Luna is also a social activist. In 2008 she launched the startART project, a non-profit organization that supports women and children victims of sexual abuse and conflict, through art. Her works are inspired by her social concerns, from the weak position of women constrained by social conventions to the killing of striking workers at the Hacienda Luicita. But her message is never loud and preachy. Instead she adeptly uses images of such things as eggs, gift boxes, and jewels to create a delicate and poetic impression. In this way she links art and social issues in an extremely natural way, stimulating our emotions while raising questions about the oppressed.

  《 Ovoid/Void 》2010
courtesy of the artist
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