Contemporary Arts

Nadegata Instant Party (NAKAZAKI Tohru + YAMASHIRO Daisuke + NODA Tomoko)

Formed in 2006, based in Tokyo.

Nadegata Instant Party is a unit formed in 2006, comprising three artists: Tohru Nakazaki (born 1976 in Ibaraki prefecture (Japan)), Daisuke Yamashiro (born 1983 in Osaka prefecture (Japan)), and Tomoko Noda (born 1983 in Gifu prefecture (Japan)). Each of their works is committed to a local community, inventing an optimum 'pretext' for that particular place and situation. The pretext is then 'realized' by creating an event that attracts and involves large numbers of local people. The process of transformation from pretext to reality is converted into a story, developing into a work that uses documentary or theatrical techniques, and incorporates installation and other methods. The best known projects are 《24 OUR TELEVISION》 (Aomori Contemporary Art Centre, 2010)—an internet TV station that operated for just 24 hours, but involved the participation of over 100 local staff and drew in local media too—and 《Yellow Cake Street》 (Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts, 2011)—in which local chefs and other local people contrived recipes for Yellow Cake, a 'traditional' Australian dish that didn't actually exist before the project. The project culminated in a pop-up cake cafe selling the invented cake.

  Plan drawing for "STUDIO TUBE" ©Nadegata Instant Party
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