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MUROYA Shintaro

Born 1987 in Aomori. Graduated from the Department of Media Arts at the Tohoku University of Art and Design. Works for Kyodo Television and makes short films in his spare time. 2011's 『あきらめた友へ』 won the Grand Prix in the 9th NHK Mini Mini Video Competition. In 2013 made こちら宇宙郵便局第三集配エリア営業所. Heisei akiresu danjo is a love story that invokes the special effects imaginary monster drama scenario. A man fleeing from a panic-stricken town encounters a mysterious woman. Outside the frame is a battlefield. The viewer can only speculate what is happening from the noise. Within the frame, a modest love affair is forming. The situation inside and outside the frame remain completely different, and the man eventually realizes that this woman holds the key to it all.

courtesy of the artist
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