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Movie director. Born 1984 in Hokkaido (Japan), based in Tokyo.

Completed the elementary fiction course at the Film School of Tokyo, in 2007. Graduated in 2009 from Hitotsubashi University's Faculty of Social Sciences. In the same year his short film "The Spy’s Tongue" won the top prize in open competition at the 5th CO2 Film Festival. In 2010 produced/directed his first feature-length film "Good for Nothing" (supported by the 6th CO2 Film Festival). His second feature-length movie, "Playback," an official entry in the 2012 Locarno International Film Festival, was shot on location in Mito immediately after the earthquake of March 2011. This explores the present and past (high school days) of Haji, a middle-aged man played by Murakami Jun, using free-ranging camerawork to switch between the different time dimensions and take audiences on a dangerous journey into the realms of memory. The "life force" of the actor in each repetition of the same scene brings a reawakening of the memories of Haji’s former self with his old school friends. Painstaking editing of the repeated scenes gives them a reality that might be described as bizarre. Won up-and-coming-director award at the 27th Takasaki Film Festival.

  MIYAKE Sho Playback 2012
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