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The mamagoto theatre company performs the works of playwright and director Yukio Shiba (born 1982 in Ichinomiya, Aichi, winner of the 2011 Aichi Prefectural Arts Encouragement Prize). Depicting a universal world in scripts that meticulously mine the inner workings of the ordinary everyday, and production effects that import ideas from outside the theatre, mamagoto make theatre more familiar - like the children's game of "playing house" after which they are named - and richer. They performed in the Aichi Triennale 2010 festival week. This time they will create a work that both children and adults can enjoy. Based on an extended stay in Shiba's home prefecture of Aichi, it portrays a future that children living in the present might imagine, a future that those children should eventually reach, a future that continues even after those children become adults, and ...; "adult time" and "the adult figure" as an extension of "child time." A work in which children and adults once children examine "today" anew from their respective perspectives on the axes of "fiction" and "work."

  "Ayumi" 2011
(Morishita studio)
photo : Tsukasa Aoki
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