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Born 1989 in Kanagawa, graduated with a degree in graphic design from Tama Art University in 2011. In 2013 completed her master's in animation at the Graduate School of New Media, Tokyo University of Fine Arts. Based in Yokohama, working as an illustrator and animator, Kawaguchi produces animations with an emphasis on very real texture and ambience, relying on gentle things that can be seen and touched and that we know well. Her first animation work was for her graduation piece for Tama Art University. Wild Wild Ham (2013), her degree project at Tokyo University of Fine Arts, is a unique work of bold composition in which the main character, a member of a volleyball club, lies face up on the ground in the ten minutes of rest time during practice, just breathing, and as she is overtaken by the sensation of human turning into mere flesh, the refreshing feeling of the wind blowing through her toes, sock and shoes removed, captures the soles of her feet from a slightly low angle. Her other animations include Hana to yome (2012).

  KAWAGUCHI Eri Wild Wild Ham 2013
courtesy of the artist
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