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KATO Hidenori

Born 1991 in Miyagi, began making films in 2009. After high school moved to Tokyo, where he is now based. Currently studying at the Tama Art University Department of Moving Images and Performing Arts. Kato's films are predominantly dramas with a strong comedic element. More Fukushima (2012) won the 34th Pia Film Festival PFF award. This mid-length feature is set in the Japan of 2021, when nuclear power has been abolished following the Fukushima accident, and half the electricity is generated using a new type of clean power generation: nameko soup (nameko being a type of fungi commonly eaten). But it turns out the used nameko soup had the potential to turn human beings into crabs. An accident at the power plant caused people to do just that, throwing Japan into chaos once again...The invisible threat of radiation is presented visually in the body taking on crab-like features, and with a touch of humor: the government response to “3.11” symbolized by the use of a child to play the prime minister.

  KATO Hidenori More Fukushima 2012
courtesy of the artist
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