Kaspar Astrup SCHRÖDER + BIG

キャスパー・アストラップ・シュレーダー+BIG(Kaspar Astrup SCHRÖDER + BIG)

Schröder was born 1979 in Denmark, based in Copenhagen.
BIG was established in 2006.

Working as a visual artist and designer, Schröder established his own company, Kaspar, in 2004, and is the recipient of many film festival awards. The theme of his video work 《MY PLAYGROUND》, is parkour (freerunning), depicting the dynamic movements of running, climbing and jumping while negotiating the urban environment. Bjarke Ingels, the head of Danish architects BIG, took interest in a group of traceurs, Team JiYo, pointing the members to his own architecture. Then in 2009, he collaborated with Schröder to produce this video. Ingels established BIG in 2006 after working for Rem Koolhaas' firm, OMA. BIG's best known works such as the Danish Pavillion for the 2010 Shanghai Expo and the "8 House" mixed-use development incorporate bicycle routes within their structures, enabling the spaces to be experienced at two different speeds, by cycling or on foot. Seeking to discover the hidden potential of the built environment through the use of non-standard means of physical movement is an approach shared by parkour.

courtesy of Kaspar Astrup Schröder
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