Performing Arts

Ho Ho-Do

The 155cm-tall dance duo of Mika Arashiki and Mari Fukutome have so far performed in more than 20 different cities around Japan and beyond. Since 2009 they have stepped out of the theater to develop their "Ho Ho-Do@" series in which they incorporate the charms and characteristics from each specific time and place, including weather conditions or people passing by, as the context for a one-off, site-specific dance performance. They dance once a month in some everyday location – maybe a café, a corridor in some building, a school, a tunnel, a traditional Japanese house – or in some unlikely place that they've discovered on their extensive and meandering travels. Each performance is then uploaded to YouTube. At the same time, Ho Ho-Do has been experimenting with a variety of ways to expand the possibilities of dance, through a series entitled "Ho Ho-Do x DJs!!," in which the two women combine their choreography with music from several musicians playing different music. For the Triennale they will present a new work based on their research of central Nagoya centered on Chojamachi that involves scenes, memories and people unique to the area with the city as its stage. The work will also be webcast live as a program viewable from any location.

  photo : Ririko Arai
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