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Artist. Born 1988 in Miyazaki Prefecture (Japan), based in Tokyo.

Completed his Master's in animation at Tama Art University in 2013. Appeared as a character modeled on a young male presenter of a children's television program in his graduation project, "Youkosobokudesu" (Welcome: It’s me), an animation developed in conjunction with musician Matsunaga Asari. Dancing to a song that he composed himself, Himeda further strengthens the worldview of the song with the use of animation. This is an important work in the genealogy of self-made, self-performed self-centered movies, or rather “I-movies,” in general. Though the synergy of song and dance and animation may feel a little out of control and excessive, this is unlike previous solo productions of animation and experimental films by solo-artists, and it declares its own attainments. This work won the Judges' Prize in the 17th Student’s Computer Graphics Contest, and led to the series "Youkosobokudesu 2" (2012) and "Youkosobokudesu 3" (2013).

  HIMEDA Manabu YOUKOSOBOKUDESU -Wellcome It's me- 2011
courtesy of the artist
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