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FUKUI Takuya

Film director and photographer. Born 1977 in Tokyo. Short films directed by Fukui have screened both in Japan and elsewhere, eg at the Image Forum Festival, Rotterdam International Film Festival, and Terra di Siena Film Festival. Fukui has also directed short dramas, promotional videos etc. Goujonnettes and the Witch of the Windmill is a drama in which two elements: the title's "goujonnettes" and "witch of the windmill" run simultaneously. Like a bilingual TV broadcast, the lines of the two women in the drama play at the same time as a story that sounds as if it is being read on the radio. The two “voices” come together, then separate again, driving the overall narrative of the film. Near and far, that being spoken of and that being shown on screen: the sense of loss in each world is manifested as voices, in a moment of magic that transcends the barrier between life and death, as well as cinematic convention.

  FUKUI Takuya Goujonnettes and the Witch of the Windmill 2006
courtesy of the artist
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