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FUJIMOTO Takayuki + SHIRAI Tsuyoshi

Independent director and lighting designer Takayuki Fujimoto has been a member of the multimedia performance group Dumb Type since 1987, with responsibility chiefly for lighting and technical management. In his other activities he worked with Tsuyoshi Shirai, Takao Kawaguchi, Daito Manabe and six others in producing the 2007 performance work "true/honto no koto." Collaborating with many artists, including some overseas, Fujimoto has focused on ultra-close synchronization of the human body with LED lighting and other digital devices to construct organic theatre. Dancer, choreographer, and director Tsuyoshi Shirai worked in the past with the likes of Itoh Kim + Glorious Future and Study of Live Works Baneto, but currently works as the solo unit AbsT exploring the relationship between the human body and space/time through many forms of dance, on his own and in collaborative projects. His dance has been acclaimed for its strong affinity with video art and music and won him prizes at home and abroad, including the Bagnolet International Choreography Award. At Aichi Triennale 2013, they will present their new work "Node/The Old Man of the Desert," a fusion of Butoh, contemporary dance and digital technology.

  Showing "Node/The Old Man of the Desert"
photo: Hideto Maezawa
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