Contemporary Arts


Born 1980 in Jerusalem (Israel), based in Berlin.

Studied at the Bezalel Academy for Art and Design in Jerusalem from 1999 to 2003. In addition to exhibitions in Israel and Germany, he has held solo exhibitions and participated in many group exhibitions around the world. Schlesinger is known for placing psychological stress on viewers by depicting situations with a risk of catastrophe, such as a work that seems ready to explode at any moment because it appears to have gas from a cylinder burning and heating up the gas cylinder itself. However, the sense of danger is followed momentarily by the catharsis of realization that the work is unlikely to be what it looks like. These two incompatible psychological states are elicited by the work. Schlesinger also creates humorous mechanical works, such as pieces of paper rising up and dancing on a table. In both cases, the mechanism that generates disquiet and the actual movements and combinations of materials used in the work simultaneously produce stress and use humor to guide us to the cathartic release from the stress. These works could also be reasonably interpreted as metaphors for the world political situation that the artist perceives.

  《untitled (bicycle piece)》2009
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