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Arica was formed in 2001 by director and artistic director Fujita Yasuki, poet and critic Kuraishi Shino (in charge of textual concepts), and actor Ando Tomoko, formerly of the theater company Tenkei Gekijo led by Ota Shogo. Together they have wowed audiences through their collaborations with creative people from all artistic pursuits in performances that go far beyond theater and dance to incorporate the creativity of all genres, from visual art and music to architecture and design. They have performed at the likes of the Cairo International Festival for Experimental Theatre, the New York Japan Society, and the Delhi International Arts Festival. "Happy Days," which they will perform at Aichi, is one of Samuel Beckett's best-known plays. Particular striking is the stage set for the scene where the lead female character is buried up to her chest. The hill she is buried in is designed by artist Kaneuji Teppei. Born in 1978, Kaneuji is known for his assemblage-sculptures, with plaster or resin poured over everyday items and ready-made objects, and for unusual line drawings where the lines extend and interconnect. In 2009 at the tender age of 30 he had a major solo exhibition at the Yokohama Museum of Art. Textile coordinator Ando Yoko is responsible for costume design.

  "LOVE IS BLIND" 2012
photo: Katsu Miyauchi
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