Contemporary Arts / Curatorial Competition

AMR(Art Media Room)

Formed in 2012, based in Aichi prefecture (Japan).

ASAI Masahiro
MAEKAWA Munechika
search for
Niwako Co., Ltd. Mikusu Building

AMR is the name of the studio the three of us, that is, photographer Asai Masahiro (b. 1985 in Aichi), painter Maekawa Munechika (b. 1986 in Aichi) and performer Kawamura Rumi (b. 1980 in Aichi), jointly set up in Choja-machi last year. Our project is themed on the relationships between a neighborhood and its inhabitants.
Asai photographs a red balloon he releases somewhere in Choja-machi under the theme of “the presence of the absence of the self.” The images are posted on Twitter, and are endlessly printed out automatically by the printer inside the show window. Kawamura, under the theme of “the view in front of me,” traces onto the surface of glass panes in the neighborhood the view of Choja-machi seen from inside the show window, thereby leaving points of contact in the neighborhood. Maekawa, under the theme of “surface layer,” collects details from the walls of various buildings in Choja-machi and puts them together to create a single picture of a wall, which she continues to paint and expand so that the “wall” ultimately covers the show window.
The project represents Choja-machi as seen by us at this moment. Viewers no doubt have diverse perspectives and feelings toward Choja-machi. We hope our project will inspire them to join us in discovering new relationships between ourselves and the neighborhood.

  Drawing for“search for”