Contemporary Arts

Aernout MIK

Born 1962 in The Netherlands, based in Amsterdam (The Netherlands)

Mik makes works on video in which a particular action or event is repeated as if suspended from the linear progression of time. Many of these works feature contradictory events occuring on screen simultaneously, or images of groups in which the story seems about to start moving but keeps coming to a halt. Another feature of Mik's work is his ability to make the images the audience sees feel connected to contemporaneous social and political issues such as war and globalization, market forces and nationalism, all without the power of verbal language. In most cases his works are presented silently on multiple screens positioned carefully in the space in the manner of sculptures. Doing so may also be viewed as an attempt to cross the lines between video, performance, sculpture and architecture, in order to make the viewer intensely aware of the relationship between the screen and their own body.

  《 Refraction 》 2004
Installation view, Museum Folkwang, Essen, Germany 2012
photo : Bernd Borchardt
courtesy of carlier | gebauer
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